For Trainees

Q. Who is eligible to participate?

A. Phase 1, iNQUIRE, programming is available to pre-doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows involved in biomedical and life sciences study at all campuses of Rutgers, Princeton, NJIT and Stevens Institute of Technology. Phase 2 of the program, iNITIATE, is application-based, relies heavily on Phase 1 involvement (minimum of 12 hours), and brings with it participation in career-focused training, work with career mentors, externship at professional places of business and individual development planning, tracking and measurement throughout. Rutgers iJOBS Program alumni are invited to participate in any program activity. Please see Phases of iJOBS for details.

Q. I am involved in Biomedical Science study, but I am a distance learner. Can I participate?

A. The program is designed to be very interactive so presence on campus is required. Some of our  events are archived through podcasting and other means (

Q. I attend classes on Busch campus in New Brunswick and noticed that there are events scheduled on the Newark campus as well. I have no convenient means of transportation; how can I participate?

A. The Rutgers iJOBS program spans much of New Jersey including Newark and Piscataway/New Brunswick. Transportation is always provided between campuses and from both campuses to site visits at companies.  Please indicate that you are requesting transportation when you register for an event and you will be contacted a few days prior to the event with transportation details. The transportation is free of charge.

Q. Is financial support available to trainees (tuition/stipend)?

A. No. As a Rutgers iJOBS trainee, you continue to be funded by your doctoral program/lab.

Q. How are trainee-initiated activities to be funded?

A. Rutgers iJOBS programming is funded by the NIH and we have set aside a small budget for trainee-initiated ideas as part of the student-led enrichment programming.

Q. I would like to get involved in writing for the iJOBS blog, how should I do that? 

  1. We are very proud of our trainee-run blog and welcome new contributors and editors.  Please contact one of the iJOBS program directors to learn how to get involved. 

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For Faculty

Q. How can I get involved in the Rutgers iJOBS Program?

A. Although the program is directed toward PhD students and postdocs, faculty are invited to participate and may benefit as well. By attending events, will learn about the evolving trends of the job market and how the non-academic world including startups and pharmaceutical companies operate. For a list of upcoming and past events, please click here (  We also welcome to be connected to any of your contacts in the professional world including your former trainees or colleagues who will expand out network and benefit our current trainees.  Finally, we would love to have you lead any workshop or session that you think you could contribute to directly.  We encourage your involvement and look forward to discussing the ways in which we can enhance the program and better involve faculty members such as yourself.  For more information click here.

Q. I am funding my student's/postdoc's work in the lab. How can he/she sign up for Rutgers iJOBS and spend time involved in your program?

A. We understand the conflicting priorities regarding trainee's time away from the lab. On the one hand, we know that you support your student's professional growth and, on the other hand, there is work to be done in the lab toward successful completion of your trainee's thesis. We intend for the Rutgers iJOBS program to be a partnership between you as faculty member/thesis advisor, the trainee and our industrial partners/mentors. As such, iJOBS will notify faculty when a student or postdoc registers for their first iJOBS event and ask that faculty acknowledge and approve their participation.  If faculty have a concern about his/her trainee’s participation, please contact one of the co-directors.

Q. What information should be provided in a letter of recommendation made to the Rutgers iJOBS program?

A. We are looking for evidence that there has been a conversation about the trainee's involvement in the Rutgers iJOBS Program, to ensure faculty buy-in and support. The letter is free-form, but we would hope that it might help us determine the level of encouragement for participation in the program activities, the potential benefit to the lab and how it might enhance the trainee's thesis and/or career outcome.

Q. What is the expected workload for trainees? How much time will the Rutgers iJOBS program take away from my student's dissertation research?

A. Required participation from Rutgers iJOBS trainees varies. • Available Phase 1 programming includes a 40 hour "SciPhD: Leadership and Business Skills for Scientists" workshop held during evening and weekend hours. There is also participation in weekly events and site visits to career-relevant professional workplaces. Trainees may attend as many of these events as they wish, although we recommend that they spend at least 12 hours/semester on such participation. • Phase 2 brings with it career-specific workshops with a time commitment of 40 hours within the semester. These are supplemented with externship opportunities (approximately 3 hours/month of shadowing) and weekly program events. • Phase 3 is focused upon job search preparation and interviewing. Although there are scheduled events and workshops, much of the activity within this phase is up to the individual trainee. Please note that we do not dictate participants' level of involvement, and certainly encourage trainees to discuss their level of commitment in advance with you. The ideal opportunity will not take away from, but rather to supplement, their dissertation research in some way and benefit your lab in the long run.

Q. How much time does it take to complete the Rutgers iJOBS program?

A. This, again, is flexible and, as with all professional development, is never complete! Fully engaged trainees will typically participate in three 1-year phases and participation might even extend beyond the participants' training at Rutgers University to eventually serve as a mentor themselves.

Q. I have experiences outside of academia and would like to share them with trainees. Is there an easy way to do this through the Rutgers iJOBS Program?

A. Absolutely! We welcome your input and can arrange to have you speak to groups of trainees interested in your career path, with all of its bends and loops. Please contact us to initiate this conversation.

Q. I have contacts outside of academia that might be interested in participating as a mentor or advisor to Rutgers iJOBS participants. How should I connect them to the program?

A. We welcome participation from all professionals excited to share their perspectives with Rutgers iJOBS trainees and appreciate your providing an introduction. Suggested is a warm introduction via email to interested contacts so that we may follow up with them to discuss their potential program role. Please contact us with your suggestions.

Q. How can I encourage graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to participate?

A. There are so many ways!

  • Direct trainees to our website and encourage them to begin participating in Phase 1 activities.
  • Share your enthusiasm with other members of your department.
  • Schedule an appointment with us to discuss possible ways to get involved.

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